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Cardtonic Bitcoin Wallet Address – All You Need To Know

Every Cardtonic user can now create their bitcoin address and receive bitcoins with it at any time.

How To Create Your Cardtonic Bitcoin Address

Login on Cardtonic website or mobile app and go to the bitcoin trade page and click the “GENERATE BTC ADDRESS” button

You can receive bitcoin into your address at any time.

What Happens After I Send Bitcoin To My Address?

Any amount of bitcoins sent to your address will be automatically added to your naira balance at the corresponding rates.

Rates are displayed on the bitcoin page.

Can My Bitcoin Address Change

No. Once your address is generated, it becomes permanent and does not change. You can save it somewhere and use it at any time.

How Long Does Bitcoin Trade Take

Bitcoin trades are completely automated and require no human or manual intervention.

Any bitcoins sent to your cardtonic wallet address will be automatically converted and added to your naira balance after 3 confirmations on the bitcoin network.

The average time taken to get 3 confirmations on the bitcoin network is 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

How fast or how slow the transaction takes solely depends on the network fee used by the sender of the bitcoins.

Can I Receive Bitcoins From Cashapp/Paxful/Blockchain Or Any Wallet

Yes! You can receive bitcoins from all wallets.

How Can I Send From Bitcoin ATM To My Wallet Address

Go to your bitcoin trade page and get your QR code (You can screenshot it). You can then scan this QR code on any bitcoin ATM and send any amount to your wallet from it.


What Is the Limit (Maximum or Minimum) I Can Receive Into My Wallet Address

There is no limit. But there are different rates for different amounts of bitcoins. Rates are displayed on the trade page.

Can I Store Bitcoins In My Wallet

We do not provide bitcoin storage services.

Your wallet address is only meant for bitcoins you are willing to sell for naira on Cardtonic.

Bitcoins received to your address will be credited to you in naira, automatically.

You can choose to store the naira in your Cardtonic balance or withdraw it.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or Call/WhatsApp 07060502770.

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