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What to Do When Your Gift Card Shows Zero Balance

Ever been in a situation where after shopping an armful of clothes or a couple of shoes, the cashier swipes your gift card and the card shows a zero balance? A recent study has shown that quite a number of gift card users have experienced it. Did your new gift card show a zero balance? Have you been looking for what to do to solve a zero balance problem on your gift card?

If you are told that a gift card has a zero balance, however, you might want to check the following things before accepting that the gift card has no value. Good thing is these steps are effective in getting your money back on your card. Here are effective steps to take when your gift card has a zero balance.

What to Do When Your Gift Card Shows Zero Balance


Show The Cashier Your Card

With the way payment options are available, physical and digital options inclusive, it’s advisable to inform the cashier on your payment method before giving your card. Since cashiers are more likely to know the differences of their cash registers, informing the cashier beforehand could help with the proper usage. 5 tips to keep your digital gift card safe. A gift card with money on it could show a zero balance instead if the transaction is run incorrectly.

Make Sure the Gift Card is Activated

Check the back of the gift card (or any gift card packaging you have) to see if activation steps are required. If so, take care of it before using the card. What gift cards can be activated at home? A gift card that is not activated will definitely not be accepted at the cash register.

Check the PIN

If you opt to run a gift card as a debit transaction, you’ll need to know the PIN associated with that card. If you don’t have a PIN or enter the PIN incorrectly, the gift card will be declined. In this case, the cashier may indicate that the card isn’t working when, in fact, it just needs to be run using a different method. If you have a PIN, check to see that you’ve entered the number correctly. If you don’t have a PIN or can’t remember the correct PIN, tell the cashier to run the card as a “credit” transaction.

Be Sure of The Error Message

Don’t assume that a gift card returned has no fun The gift card may have been declined for other reasons. The card could have been run incorrectly or not yet activated. Also, the value being charged on the card could be more than the card load value. If the cashier supplies details as regards it, it would be easier to figure out why you card wouldn’t work.

Ask For Support

When all options have been run out of and you’re certain that you haven’t redeemed the gift card yourself, take the card to customer service and ask for help. Customer representatives are usually willing to help follow up with gift card problems. The more information you can provide, the better.

The future of gift cards

Still no luck getting your money back? If the person who gave you the gift card bought it with a credit card, they may be able to get their money back from the credit card issuer.


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