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Twitch Now Sells Gift Cards

There are a lot of reasons people give gift cards – convenience, not knowing what to buy someone, and saving money are a few examples. But even though gift cards are convenient, intentional gift cards are better.

Twitch is getting in on gift cards. Available in denominations of $25, $50, $100 and $200. The cards allow a touch of personalized messages, from “Happy birthday” to “Thank you”. And if this doesn’t matter to you, you can opt for the plain Twitch logo.

Despite being a free service, Twitch provides diverse ways one can spend money; subscriptions to channels and buying Twitch’s “Bits” virtual currency inclusive.

This latest digital gift card can be gifted through emails or text messages. and used to pay for pretty much anything on the platform.

For now, these cards can only be gotten digitally, but soon, they’ll be available at Best Buy and GameStop. At this stage they’re only available for use in the US, but Twitch says it’s working on rolling them out globally soon. Get them here.





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