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Top 10 Best Gift Cards in 2020

Gift cards are rapidly becoming the most suitable way of sending gifts to friends and loved ones. This is due in part to the fact that they remove the awkwardness of struggling to decide what exactly the recipient would appreciate. You don’t want to buy a gift that ends up useless or gracing the shelf. More so, gift cards help to bridge distance, and can now be sent across the globe.

However, some gift cards have more versatility, renewability and validity than others. In other words, some are much easier to use. Based on this, here are the top 10 best gift cards in 2020:


Top 10 Best Gift Cards in 2020

1. Amazon Gift Cards

Top 10 Best Gift Cards in 2020

No doubt one of the most popular gift cards worldwide, Amazon gift cards are awesome for online purchases from any part of the world. Thanks to their avalanche of items, you can literally buy anything on Amazon. Shipping cost to most parts of the U.S as well as other parts of the world, are relatively inexpensive.

2. iTunes Gift Cards

Top 10 Best Gift Cards in 2020

iTunes gift cards offer entertainment in all of its forms. If your recipient is a lover of movies, music, books, games, applications and all such related services, they will find the Apple-hosted card a valuable gift. Plus, both the buyer and the receiver of the card have the luxury of transacting online.

3. Sephora Gift Cards

Top 10 Best Gift Cards in 2020

Sephora offers a variety of makeup accessories, beauty products, cologne and perfume, among others. Gifting someone a Sephora Gift card allows them the luxury of choosing which products they want. What’s even more interesting about Sephora gift cards is that the recipient can send the gift card as a text message. So easy to use!

4. Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart offers a variety of items for shopping as well as services ranging from travel to gaming. Walmart cards are accepted in about 50 states in America as well as certain neighbouring countries. A Walmart gift card can last as long as 36 months, and they offer free shipping if your order is worth $35 or more.

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5. American Express Gift Cards

American Express gift cards are without limitation. They can be used to procure products and services anywhere in the US in as much as the store or service provider accepts them — and there are very few that don’t. A beautiful thing with these cards is that there are no charges for inactivity. More so, the card remains valuable until expiration.

6. Target Gift Cards

Target plastic gift cards or e-gift cards are useful in about 1800 US stores and online purchases. Although the available offline stores might not exactly serve the population, you would at least have one very close to you. Plus, you could use the online stores from anywhere and get a 5% discount on your purchases.

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7. eBay Gift Cards

Although you can’t redeem your eBay gift cards for cash, they have tons of benefits. You can basically shop for anything on eBay, and they offer lots of discounts from time to time.

8. MasterCard Gift Cards

MasterCard gift cards can be swiped anywhere in the United States. Although they cannot be redeemable or used at ATMs, they can be swiped for any purchases or services.

9. Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards are accepted beyond the shores of USA. You can swipe for purchases and services, and can sometimes use at ATMs. This gift card also offers many service options that make it suitable to use on any occasion.

10. Starbucks Gift Cards

If your recipient loves coffee, a Starbucks gift card might be the best for them. They also offer other beverage varieties to suit your taste as well as several Star rewards.



Gift cards have their unique services, bonuses, flexibility levels, money-back option and so on. In addition to these top 10 best gift cards in 2020, there are multiple options to suit your preference at each point in time.


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