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Quick Ways To Get Free XBOX Gift Cards

If you are one of the millions of people in the world, who like to play Xbox, you’re probably interested in learning how to get a free Xbox gift card. We are going to cover the best ways to do so in this article!

Xbox gift cards can be used to spend money within The Microsoft Store. The store can be accessed directly through your Xbox console to buy games, apps, add-ons, movies or TV shows. Should you have a loved one who enjoys gaming on their Xbox, and you have no idea what type of game to get them as a gift, an Xbox gift card is your best bet.

Xbox gift cards are available in physical or digital form. Using a physical gift card, there is a unique digital code at the back of the card. This type of Xbox gift card is only available in a limited number of denominations. They range from $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $50 to $100.

Using virtual gift card, the unique code is sent to the recipient via email. You can choose this e-voucher to be worth any amount between $1 and $100, which makes it a better option in terms of flexibility.

Quick Ways To Get Free Xbox gift cards


The most popular ways to earning free Xbox gift cards is by filling in online surveys and get-paid-to websites. Online survey sites and get-paid-to (GPT) websites offer gamers across the globe  a quick way to earn free Xbox gift cards. As a matter of fact, it provides the easiest and all-inclusive ways of earning free e-vouchers for gaming.

gift cards that can be activated from home

These websites allow people to win free credits by completing different tasks online, which include answering surveys, partaking in product testing, downloading certain apps, or even by playing games and watching videos. The credits earned can be exchanged for rewards, for instance, PayPal payments, prepaid debit cards, retail gift cards and the likes.

Some websites offer these. To begin earning free Xbox gift cards, log on to the free reward sites under-listed, complete tasks and collect credits redeemable for free Xbox gift cards. These sites are very inclusive and open to everyone.

Where to Earn Free Xbox Gift Card

Paid surveys provide the most consistent form of income, but there are so many other options to earn including from watching videos, completing mico-tasks, and even entering in free point codes posted on social media.

If you’d like to earn Xbox gift codes, and other rewards such as cash, Visa gift cards and more, you can do so by logging on the following free websites:

– Earnably

– Swagbucks

– Point club

– PrizeRebel

– LifePoints


Promote Products

You can get free Xbox gift cards when you promote products for a company. Here is how it works: search for websites and companies that want to promote their product or they want people to either subscribe to their newsletter. In exchange, Xbox card code is rewarded. This requires caution, so as not to fall prey of scam. Go only for popular companies that have a reputation to maintain.


Deal Hunters

One way to recieve a free gift card is to follow Deal Hunters on social media platforms. This group of people keep track of virtually all the ‘happening’ deals and share it with their followers on their social media pages or through their closed community groups.


Sign Up for an Online Rewards Programme

This is an easy way to get free  gift card, as the only thing you have to do is to create an account with the company and you will be rewarded a free Xbox card. However, one disadvantage of this method is that it promotes mail spams.


Where To Convert Xbox Gift Card in Nigeria

Now that you know how to get xbox gift card, there are also other uses. You can also convert it to cash. The best place to carry out a transaction like this is Cardtonic. Cardtonic is one of the best gift card exchange platforms where you can sell xbox gift card and other cards for naira.


About Cardtonic

Cardtonic operates as a trading platform with direct gift card brokers. Cardtonic also provides flexible trading options to allow the ease of trading. This platform allows the option of trading via Instant messenger, website, and a mobile app for convenience.

Trading is done easily through the mobile app, website, and instant messengers. Moreover, this platform processes over 20,000 transactions each month. Given so much volume, the company possesses a brilliant reputation for being secure and reliable.




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