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Important Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Gift Card

4 Important Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Gift Card

The fastest way to turn gifts into cash is to sell gift card in Nigeria. People turn gift cards into assets that are more beneficial to them, such as money, bitcoin, etc. The process of converting gift card into cash or bitcoin is very easy and bereft of complications, especially with a good platform such as Cardtonic and easy methods such as gift card app or website. If you are in possession of gift cards and you rather will have cash in hand than a gift card, then this post is just for you. Certain relevant questions have to be asked and answered if you must convert your gift card.

In this article, we’ll highlight the important questions to ask before selling your gift card for money or other valuables.

4 Important Questions To Ask Before Selling Your Gift Card


Where Am I Selling My Gift Card?

You have a gift card you are willing to sell, yeah? Then where exactly are you selling your gift card? A person or an exchange platform? This is a very important question that has to be answered if you are selling your gift card in Nigeria. It’s pertinent you are aware of whom you’re selling your gift card to. The reason for this is-

Valuable and confidential details are revealed to the person you are selling your gift card to and this includes the passcode of the gift card. Any trader can load a gift card and claim it has been used by you. With the influx of gift card trading platforms, it’s difficult to prove the reliability of a person or platform. This is one reason you should only trade with a reliable platform.

Top 4 websites to sell your gift card

Cardtonic is one of the very few trusted gift card exchange platforms. On this platform, you are assured of honesty and reliability among a host of other things. Cardtonic provides a secure transaction, whether trading your card for money or bitcoin or exchanging a card for another. It offers you the most simple and the most comfortable ways to convert any type of gift cards to cash.

What Are The Rates?

important questions to ask before selling your gift card
So many gift card platforms offer low prices for gift cards. You need to know the rates of these platforms before trading with them. On Cardtonic, all gift card rates are displayed on the website. Their mobile app contains a rates calculator where you can easily see the rates of the gift card you are selling.

Asides this, you are guaranteed a near or above face value for your gift card. This makes it a very good place to sell your gift cards.

What Is The Speed of The Buyer?
As time is a resource that must not be wasted, you must be sure of the speed of the buyer. Some gift card exchange platforms can seal a deal in a day or two,  while on Cardtonic, transactions are completed within 5-10 minutes. Most of these platforms or vendors do not tell you how slow they are when trading, especially because they are after your gift card.

Top 4 websites to sell gift card

In order not to get deceived or have to wait for so long, trade with a gift card exchange platform that guarantees you a speedy payment.

How Secure Is The Transaction?

gift card
Tracking where the payment of a gift card went to is one of the most difficult and futile exercises in the world. To prevent fraud and abuse, it’s best to trade through a platform that secures your transaction. If you want a platform that helps with a secure transaction, then look no further than Cardtonic. With over a truckload of all successful transactions, the platform is one of the most trusted trading platforms in Nigeria.

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