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How Will Cardtonic Make Your Gift Card Trade More Secure?

To start with, trading gift cards online is a 50-50 thing. Nothing guarantees that the person on the other hand would reciprocate the good gesture. There’s no assurance that you wouldn’t be ripped off your gift card. Plus gift cards can be used anonymously which makes it tough to track down fraudsters.

Thankfully, there is a way to sell gift cards securely. All thats needed is to make use of a platform called Cardtonic: one of the safest, gift card platforms in Nigeria. In this article, we explain why Cardtonic makes gift card transactions more secure.

How Will Cardtonic Make Your Gift Card Trade Secure?

Safe Trading:

gift cardCardtonic provides safe transaction, whether trading your card for cash or buying bitcoin. All trading activities are done directly on the platform, saving you from all the risks and stress associated with trading with middlemen. Cardtonic offers you the most simple and the most comfortable ways to convert any type of gift cards to cash.

Good Rates:

So many gift card platforms offer low prices for gift cards. You need to know the rates of these platforms before trading with them. On Cardtonic, all gift cards rates are displayed on the website. Their mobile app contains a rates calculator where you can easily see the rates of the gift cards you are selling. Asides this, you are guaranteed a near or above face value for your gift card. This makes it a very good place to sell your gift cards.

24/7 Customer Care Representatives:

If there are complaints; which is rare, there’s an active support team to help resolve the issue. Cardtonic offers the best customer care service, which is not only active but ready to attend to all your needs, regardless of the time.

Payment Speed:

One thing that marks a secure platform to trade is the speed of payment. A lot of gift card exchange platforms may seal a deal in a day or two, while on Cardtonic, transactions are completed within 5-10 minutes. Over all aforementioned reasons and essence of the platform are what it prides itself in which are efficiency, reliability and easy transaction. Suffice it to say that there’s a mobile app that adds more spice to your trading experience- fast and easy.

Ready for a Secure Trade?

Download the mobile application or register on the website.

WhatsApp/Call: 07060502770.



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