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How To Use Your Google Play Gift Card Code

For android devices users, Google Play is their major source of movies, TV programmes, books, apps, magazines and a host of other things. All you can ever need or want can be found there. Ranging from games they play on devices in between leisure time or in between work or school. It is the go-to app for books and getting access to the latest episode of their favourite TV shows. Google Play is definitely the hub for all kinds of amusement.

When it comes to relaxation and entertainment, there’s virtually nothing that Google Play doesn’t offer. However, some people still ask how to use google play gift card code. This article would be guiding you on the ways to.

How To Use Your Google Play Gift Card Code

Consider The Location

Not all of the content provided by Google Play is made accessible to people in other countries. This can then place a restriction to the level of enjoyment you experience from using your device. Although, there are ways to go about  purchasing content made exclusive to some countries without being in the country.

The solution is to purchase a Google Play gift card that can give you unlimited access to all US content in the Google Play store, no matter where you are. You can purchase these gift cards from trusted online retailers that source these cards directly from the manufacturers and authorized distributors.

Google Play gift cards from a reliable online retailer like in $10, $15, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. Therefore, you can select whichever price suits your budget.

A gift card retailer such as Cardtonic, offers the most secure payment platforms, that allows you experience a successful and stress-free transaction each time. After your purchase, you will soon receive the digitally scanned Google Play gift card via email, which will contain the code that you will use to gain access to Google Play in the US.

Easy Ways to Use Your Google Play Gift Code Online

  • First, from your browser, visit
  • Next, enter your code and then click Redeem.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Play Store app. From here:

  • Tap the Menu icon.
  • Tap Redeem.

Enter the code and then tap Redeem.

As people are consistently stuck on the internet through their mobile devices, technology experts such as Google are ensuring that downloadable content are made available. There is access to music, movies, books, games, apps and a lot more.

6 benefits of google play gift card

There are a thousand and one content that make these mobile devices engaging, and Google Play card allows you that. You can begin purchasing all the content you want or need from Google Play that is currently unavailable in your country. Enjoying your preferred books, movies, TV shows, magazines and other digital media has never been this easy.


About Cardtonic

Cardtonic operates as a trading platform with direct gift card brokers. Cardtonic also provides flexible trading options to allow the ease of trading. This platform allows the option of trading via Instant messenger, website and a mobile app for convenience.

Trading is done easily through the mobile app, website and instant messengers. Moreover, this platform processes over 10,000 transactions each month. Given so much volume, the company possesses a brilliant reputation for being secure and reliable.


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