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How to Send e-Visa Gift Cards

Trying to send a gift card in a hurry? Then look no further than e- Visa gift cards. Electronic Visa gift cards make for a quick gift and they can be used wherever Visa is accepted (via online shopping). E-gift cards, also known as mobile or electronic gift cards, can only be sent via text and used instantly. This article directs you on how to send e-visa gift cards easily. You also can store them in a digital wallet, personalize them to make one-of-a-kind gifts, and even buy them at a discount or using rewards points.

Just as with traditional gift cards, consumers can find e-gift cards for purchases at specific retailers and restaurants or general-use cards bearing traditional card-network brands, such as Visa and Mastercard. With some of the same flexibility of plastic Visa gift cards, the recipient can use the value to shop online wherever Visa can be used as a payment method.

The major differences between plastic and electronic Visa gift cards is that the e-gift card arrives through email. Thus, the card number be manually entered in order to be redeemed and it can only be used online. Here are quick ways on how to send e-visa gift cards quickly and easily.

How to Send e-Visa Gift Cards


1. Select e-visa Gift Card

From making use of any platform that sells electronic gift cards, there will be a variety of gift cards including Visa and other top electronic store brand gift cards. Select the digital gift card you want to send.


2. Select a Design

Click on “Upload Your Own Photo” to attach an image from your personal library or from any of your online accounts. There’s also an option of attaching an animated greeting, if that’s your most preferred option. After selecting either of the two options, fill in the dollar amount, recipient information and customized message.

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3. Choose the Amount

Electronic Visa gift cards can be purchased in any dollar amount from 10 to 250 dollars. With plastic Visa gift cards, the activation fee varies depending on how much you load onto the card. For Visa egift cards, however, the fee is currently set at $5.95 regardless of the load value.


4. Attach the Recipient’s Name

The recipient’s name will be saved together with the egift card number. It is advisable to make use of the recipient’s legal name. Many online shopping carts will reject an electronic gift card if the name on the account does not match the user’s name on the website.


5. Enter the Recipient’s Email Address

Enter the recipient’s most-used email account and double check to make sure you have all of the characters entered correctly.


6. Add a Personal Message to it

Enter up to 500 characters in the eGift message. This message will be displayed when the animated egreeting completes or alongside the image you upload.


7. Confirm Order

Take one more look at your customized electronic Visa gift card to make sure everything looks correct. If accurate, select “Checkout” to see the virtual card in your shopping cart. Now all you need to do is pay for the card. It’s that simple!

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