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5 Facts About Google Play Gift Card

5 Facts About Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift card sure stands as one of the most popular gift cards in the world. It not only is the largest app store in the world but also a music subscription service, a bookstore, and a video store. This makes Google Play gift cards an excellent gift, but that’s not the limit of their use. In this article, there are 5 facts everyone should know about Google play gift card so you aren’t missing out on one of the world’s biggest gift cards.

5 Facts About Google Play Gift Card


1. You Can Not Purchase A Google Play Gift Card on Google Play

As weird as this sounds, about the only retailer you can’t get Google Play gift cards from is Google Play itself. Google Play does not sell gift cards on its website or through its apps anymore. Buyers and shoppers of this gift card are directed to retailers like Amazon and Target.

2. Spotify Doesn’t Accept Google Play Gift Card But Spotify Can Be Downloaded on Google Play

In case you aren’t aware, Spotify doesn’t accept Google Play cards but you can download Spotify on the app store. Sure, the free app can be used, but if you want to upgrade to Spotify Premium, it cannot be done through the Google Play store. So, you can opt to use Google’s music platform if you like, but bear in mind that Spotify wouldn’t work.

3. The US Google Play Store Has The Widest Selection of Downloadable Content

While Google Play is available in several countries, the United States Google Play Store is known to have the widest selection of downloadable content. The US Google Play Store offers music, apps, movies, TV shoes, books, games, magazines and so much more — plenty of which are unavailable outside of the US. It also enables you to download US content wherever you may be on the planet.

4. There Are No Fees or Expiration.

No fees or expiration dates apply to this Gift Card or Credit. Any refunded Google Play amounts, if applicable, will be credited back to your Google Play balance for future use under the same terms, unless otherwise required by law.

5. Google Play Card Can Only Be Redeemed In The Country of Purchase

The gift card can only be redeemed in the same country from where it was originally purchased. So, if you’re thinking it to gift it to your friends or family who’re living in a different country, that may not seem like a good idea.


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