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Disadvantage of E-Gift Cards

The Millenial is saturated with Technology and Social Media has gained global recognition couple with transactions going online. Without a doubt, transactions in this age have been modernized with the popularity of Gift Cards. More  so, E-Gift Cards have increasingly attracted the attention of both the young and Old. Well, the benefits of E-Gift cards are thrilling but there are some downsides attached. Let’s take a look at five disadvantages of E-Gift card now.

Five Disadvantages of E-Gift Card


1. E-Gift Cards is susceptible to Fraud

The major fear in online transactions is falling to the hands of Scammers. For every E-Gift card purchase, the recipient/buyer usually give their personal information. These valuable identifiers can be email addresses, social media accounts, etc. For the right reasons, it enables the consumer to get a new one peradventure the redemption code is forgotten. However, it also means the information given could make you or your recipients become a  target for fraudsters or scammers. In fact, one’s identity becomes easier to steal.

2. E-Gift Cards Hassle for Recipients

The possession of E-Gift Cards is convenient for recipients but redeeming sometimes comes with hassle. Merchants usually define parameters for the E-Gift Cards however some consumers are ignorant of those parameters. If you are sometimes angry about your E-Gift Card and you feel it’s not working on your phone, ensure to check the parameters of your merchant. Some are meant to work on smartphones only while location could be another reason. More so, Some E-Card purchases could take long hours due to the fact that they are a relatively new technology.

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3. E-Gift Cards Delivery could go Wrong

There is always a probability that the Delivery of the E-Gift Cards could go wrong. There are a few things involved. First of all, the email address. Some retailers that deal with E-Gift Cards do not cross-check the email and they consider transaction complete once delivery is confirmed. Although some companies usually offer to send the information again, there’s no requirement to do so. You don’t want to be in that unbearable shoes of losing out on the E-Gift Cards value. Cross-check and ensure your recipient’s email address.

4. Some E-Gift Cards are not spent in-person

This is one disadvantage that people overlook a lot. Although it is rare now it is still a huge disadvantage. Not all E-Gift Cards can be spent in-person because there are still companies that differentiate between Gift cards purchased online, and the physical ones. Some retailers will tell you that they allow E-Gift Cards to be used online only and they can’t be redeemed in stores. It will be embarrassing to get to a store in-person thinking you can redeem and you are told that you can only use what is online, online.

5. Problem Keeping track of E-Gift Card

No lies, technology makes things easier however adjusting to the smooth and easy life can be difficult. In fact, it is a peculiar disadvantage among the old ones. Keeping track of E-Gift Cards balances via the Smartphone is easier but for someone that is used to the physical card, there may be problem remembering what stores they have their E-Gift Cards for as well as the balance remaining on each E-Gift Cards.



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