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All You Need to Know About Gift Card Receipts

Regardless of the gift cards you are purchasing, there are different receipts depending on the form of payment. It is a piece of paper that is issued as proof that your purchase is successful. If you have been finding it difficult to differentiate between the receipts for gift cards, this article reveals all you need to know about gift card receipts. Below is an explanation of each type of gift card receipt and the different scenarios in which they would be used.

Types Of Gift Card Receipts

Cash Receipt

A gift card cash receipt is a statement of the amount of cash received through a transaction paid in cash. It is simply a receipt that indicates that a gift card was paid for with Cash. Meaning cash was given in exchange for the gift card. A copy of this receipt is given to the buyer, while another copy is retained for accounting purposes. A cash receipt contains the date of the transaction, the name of the buyer and the amount of cash received.

What Is A Credit Card Receipt?


A Credit card receipt is simply a receipt that indicates that a gift card was bought with a Credit ATM CARD. Examples of credit ATM cards are: Amex card, Discover card, MasterCard, Visa card, Visa debit card, etc. Take note that so long as a receipt does not indicate CASH or DEBIT, it is categorized as a CREDIT card receipt. Credit Card / Mastercard / Visa Receipt are gift cards bought with credit cards and master cards. A Credit Card Receipt indicates the last four digits of the card used, with the total amount charged to the card across from it alongside the unique authorization code for that transaction.

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What Is A Debit Receipt?

A Debit receipt is simply a receipt that indicates that a Debit ATM CARD was used in paying for the card. Receipts usually indicate this either at the top or bottom of the paper.

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What Is An activation Receipt?

Activation receipt is a receipt showing that a gift card has been successfully activated for use. An activation receipt is not a cash receipt, a debit receipt nor is it a credit card receipt. When you buy a gift card, you will most be handed a paper receipt that indicates the last few digits of the gift card, the date and time the purchase took place and the cash value loaded onto the gift card. The activation receipt is most times combined with the store receipt. When a customer buys a gift card, the Gift Card Activation information is printed at the bottom of their receipt, regardless of the tender used for the Order. The Gift Card Activation information will print below the payment information, and includes the Activation Amount and the last four digits of the Gift Card.



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